6 Signs Your SEO Agency Is Ripping Your Business Off

6 Signs Your SEO Agency Is Ripping Your Business Off

The internet nowadays is not used only to search for something, communicate with someone, read the news, or watch movies, it is also used for eCommerce. People go online to buy something and look for a service they want to hire. This is the reason why business owners are switching gears to promote their business digitally.

There is no better medium to showcase your business than digital marketing. The whole world is your market, with just a simple open of a browser using mobile or desktop, your website can be noticed. But, it’s that not simple, for this to work, you need an SEO agency to do that for you, but what if despite you signing a contract with a digital marketing agency, your business is not making any progress. How can you tell if your SEO agency is ripping you off?

Here are six ways to know if your SEO Agency only aims to rip your money off.

  • Your website is not generating sales.

Whenever we opt to optimize our websites for SEO, we shouldn’t expect that everything will happen in an instance. Search Engine Optimization is a long and arduous process that takes a lot of time and investments in order to be fully effective. 

Sometimes, small business owners haven’t got a slight idea about how any of these works. So, in order to address this problem, most owners hire the help of an SEO Provider or an agency hoping to get the top spot of Google’s search results.

What’s unfortunate is that most of these companies aren’t really half the worth of what they’re advertising. 

In SEO, it could take time before we can see the results, it could take 3 months to get a little improvement on your website rankings, but if it is taking 6 months or more that you are not having any single leads or sales, then you need to start thinking.

  • They are not giving you a progress report

One of the disadvantages of hiring an SEO Agency is that most of them opt to work remotely. They wouldn’t come into your office, you communicate through email or any kind of social networking apps, and you will give them credentials to your website. 
As a professional SEO agency, they need to constantly send a report to their client as a proof of their service. It’s a good way of giving them information about what is going on with their business. As a small business owner, it is important for you to know if there is an improvement in your target keywords and their rankings. 

  • No SEO Template  Plan

A SEO Template Plan refers to the strategy or the approach that an SEO Agency will take in order to assist your website to rank in Google’s search results. You might as well say that this is the lifeblood of that agency. If they have an approach that works, then you can say that they are legitimate.

Whenever you hire an SEO Agency, you always have to ask about their battle plan to dominate your competitors. When an SEO Agency could not produce anything or they have something to give but are not able to explain them thoroughly, take it as a sign that you should back off.

  • Can’t Provide Proof of SEO Results

In the online business world, the most important thing is the results. Results are everything. You’re paying money for results and if you’re SEO Agency could not provide you with any proof, then you might just as well as take your money and burn it because they’re obviously ripping you off.

  • Only Active on Calling You for Payments

Any company in their right mind would always call for clients. And clients like that. It gives the impression that the company they’ve approached for help is working and is giving them the priority by frequently taking to them.

Now, if the SEO Agency you’ve hired isn’t actively talking to you about the next thing they’ll do or about the next step of your plan, and only goes about asking you that you have to prepare their paycheck as their due date is near, then you’ve got to seriously consider your online marketing choices now.

  • Not Familiar with SEO Techniques and Strategies

This is one the biggest give away when we’re talking about SEO. SEO has a lot of features and loops and it takes a lot of time in order to master it. If your SEO agency claims that they are experts and know everything about SEO, then it’s either they’re lying or they’re they idiots, or even both.

The truth is no one can really claim that they are experts in SEO. But if it reaches the point that you seem to be more knowledgeable than your SEO Agency, then you’ve got to terminate the relationship effective immediately.


There are a lot of agencies and personalities that are going about all over the internet, especially on social media claiming to be experts on SEO. Some even guarantee that they can help reach small business owners reach the top spot of Google’s search results. 

However, that isn’t the case. Even Google tells us so. The top spot of the Search Engine Results can never be guaranteed. Anyone who claims to be capable of making you Google’s number one search result is either ignorant or lying. 

If you see any of these characteristics from your current SEO Agency, then you might be in big trouble. These SEO Agencies are shady and incompetent and only come after your money. It might not always be the case but you don’t have to lower your standards and compromise your small business. 

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