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6 Signs Your SEO Agency Is Ripping Your Business Off

The internet is nowadays is not used only to search for something, not just to communicate with someone, read the news or watch movies, it is also used for eCommerce. People go online to buy something, looking for a service they want to hire. This is the reason why business owners switching gears to promote their business digitally.

Digital marketing is a very good medium to showcase your business, the whole world is your market, with just a simple open of browser using mobile or desktop, your website can be noticed. But, it’s that not simple, for this to work, you need an SEO agency to do that for you, but what if you signed a contract for a digital marketing agency but your business making any progress. How to tell if your SEO agency is not ripping you off?

Here are six ways to know if your SEO Agency only aims to rip your money off.

  • Your website is not generating sales.

Whenever we opt to optimize our websites for SEO, we shouldn’t expect that everything will happen in an instance. Search Engine Optimization is a long and arduous process that takes a lot of time and investments in order to be fully effective. 

Sometimes, small business owners haven’t got a slight idea about how any of these works. So, in order to address this problem, most owners hire the help of an SEO Provider or an agency hoping to get the top spot of Google Search Results.

What’s unfortunate is that most of these companies aren’t really half the worth of what they’re advertising. 

In SEO, it could take time before we can see the results, it could take 3 months to get a little improvement on your website rankings, but if it could take 6 months or more that you are not having any single leads or sales, then you need to start thinking.

  • They are not giving you progress Report

One of the disadvantages of hiring an SEO Agency is that most of them opt to work remotely. They wouldn’t come into your office, you communicate through email or any kind of social networking apps, and you will give them credentials to your website. 
As a professional SEO agency, they need to constantly send a report to their client as a proof of their service. It’s a good way of giving them information about what is going on with their business. As a small business owner, it is important for you to know if there is an improvement in your target keywords and their rankings. 

  • No SEO Template  Plan

An SEO Template Plan refers to the strategy or the approach that an SEO Agency will take in order to assist your website to rank in Google’s search results. You might as well say that this is the lifeblood of that agency. If they have an approach that works, then you can say that they are legitimate.

Whenever you hire an SEO Agency, you always have to ask about their battle plan to dominate your competitors. When an SEO Agency could not produce anything or they do have something to give but are not able to explain them thoroughly then you might take it as a sign to back off.

  • Can’t Provide Proof of SEO Results

In the online business world, the most important thing is the results. Results are everything. You’re paying money for results and if you’re SEO Agency could not provide you with any proof, then you might just as well as take your money and burn it because they’re obviously ripping you off.

  • Only Active on Calling You for Payments

Any company in their right mind would always call for clients. And clients like that. It gives the impression that the company they’ve approached for help is working and is giving him the priority by frequently taking to him.

Now, if the SEO Agency you’ve hired aren’t actively talking to you, about the next thing they’ll do or about the next step of your plan, and only goes about asking you that you have to prepare their paycheck as their due date is near, then you’ve got to seriously consider your online marketing choices now.

  • Not Familiar with SEO Techniques and Strategies

This is one the biggest give away when we’re talking about SEO. SEO has a lot of features and loops that it takes a lot of time in order to master it. If your SEO claims that they are experts and know everything about SEO, then it’s either they’re lying or they’re they idiots, or even both.

The truth is no one can really claim that they are experts in SEO. But if it reaches the point that you seem to be more knowledgeable than your SEO Agency, then you’ve got to terminate the relationship effective immediately.


There are a lot of agencies and personalities that are going about all over the internet, especially on social media claiming to be experts on SEO. Some even guarantee that they can help reach small business owners to reach the top spot of Google’s search results. 

However, that isn’t the case. Even Google tells us so. The top spot of the Search Engine Results can never be guaranteed. Anyone who claims to make you Google’s number one search result is either ignorant or lying –or even a combination of the two. 

If you see any of these characteristics from your current SEO Agency, then you might be in big trouble. These SEO Agencies are shady and incompetent and only come after your money. It might not always be the case but you don’t have to lower your standards and compromise your small business. 

Image Optimization

6 Ways You Can Optimize Images for SEO

Aside from making a more engaging and pleasing to the eyes, images are the most important elements in an SEO aside from the text. The saying that a picture is worth a thousand words can be considered true in the online world. 

Images are easier to grasp and are more appealing to the audience. In addition, product listing containing images is much decisive for consumer’s purchasing decisions while shopping online. 

Google also rates text content with images better than those without images. Good images are therefore a major criterion for a website that is hoping to get ranked on Google. Accordingly, dealing with the optimization of your images should be considered as part of the optimization of your webpage as a whole. 

Here are five simple ways in which you could optimize your images

Five ways to Better Optimize Your Images for SEO

  • Use Unique Images that is Relevant to Your Content

The first thing that users tend to notice before reading any of your content are the images you have on your website. As humans, we tend to be attracted to beautiful images. That is why an appealing image is important as it will definitely and immediately create an impression to the users. 

While planning for your webpage, always take time to source out images that illustrate with drama, comedy, or romance to connect with your users to an emotional level. A lot of royalty-free photos can be seen all over the internet, but using your own personally-produced images is absolutely an added boost to improve your site traffic. 

So remember to take time off and snap a photo yourself that best reflects you and your company and use that instead.

  • Only Use High-Quality Photos

As much as possible, human eyes prefer looking at high-resolution images rather than those pixelated ones. Just try it on YouTube. Try watching a video in 240 P then another at 1080 P and which one you’d like to watch again?

Web images with images that have a poor resolution or formatted incorrectly can appear garbled or distorted when using a tablet or a mobile phone. For most eCommerce situation, the best format to use is a jpeg file.

Jpeg files provide the highest quality while maintaining a relatively small image size. Png can also be a good alternative for jpeg format because of its extremely small file size.

  • Organize Your Images

Organizing your images is just as important as how you choose them. 

Organize your images in a way that can be understood in the context that you intend to deliver to your user and in accordance with the journey the user will undertake. For example, if you are showcasing an apartment for rent by using images, index them in a logical order the same way a prospective buyer would travel to the physical house. 

Also, you need to understand that there shouldn’t be any gaps in your imagery. For example, you might have provided your viewers with amazing angles of your car for sale but neglected to provide important details such as the interior, engine, lights, etc. This might cause to drive traffic away from your site.

Images can communicate in a way that your text cannot, and you want to take this advantage without neglecting the minor important details.

  • Reduce the Size of you Image Files

Always remember to keep your images arranged for viewing. As you may know, Google is pretty big on mobile, going as far as to create a Google Mobile-first Index.

This means that you need to account for mobile users with your images. By scaling down large image files, you will increase page loading time which is a crucial element for those that browse using their mobile devices.

  • Include a Caption with your Images

Anyone using keywords associated with your caption will find your page in Google’s search results. The key is maintaining both page and image relevance. 

Images with misleading or wrong captions will make your bounce rate increase rapidly which will send poor signals to Google’s search engines that your content is not the right match.

In addition, captions will help make your content more engaging, which in turn will help make it smoother to digest and understand for readers.

Leaving captions blank is a missed opportunity to fully optimize your page in terms of SEO and User experience and might lead to a decrease in precious users.

  • Utilize the “Alt Text”

This is one of the most ignored features of doing web content. Alternative text provides users that are not able to access the image description of the contents of your images.

Rendering your images in a text allows interpreters for the blind, health care attendants, and others who perform valuable service roles to the physically challenged. Accurately filling out your alt text provides another way to help users digest and understand your content. 

These texts will also serve to enrich and improve the relevance of your content and can raise your profile with search engines by assisting web crawlers to understand your images. 

Like captions, alternative text ensures that your content will be boosted with regards to user experience and search optimization. 


Climbing to the top of the search results is a gruesome and taxing effort. It takes plenty of time and dedication in order to finally achieve it. But seeing the results will absolutely be worth the hard work that you have exerted especially when those organic traffic starts to come in. 

In order to succeed, you will need every bit of help and assistance to get your website to rank and Image optimization is one of those. This simple yet effective endeavor can be the extra push that your site needed in order to get over the competition.

At the very least, you need to follow these six simple and basic steps to ensure that your images are well optimized for user experience and search. 

SEO Promises

Don’t Fall For This 10 SEO Agencies Promises

Nowadays, business needs to be on search engines, I remember there is a quote that Bill Gates says “If your business is not on the internet, then your business is out of business”. Many business owners may have already been noticed. 

Business owners want to hire an SEO or digital marketing agency to help them grow their business to show up the site business page in a search engine, but why, they are not successful? Are they doing it incorrectly? Did they hire a marketing agency with a poor reputation? Or maybe they fall for SEO agencies promises and misleading advertisement?

Here are 10 SEO Agencies Promises to tell if they are a reliable Digital Marketing Company.

  • We can rank your business on Google First Page in just 3 months

These are the most promising words and the most powerful sales spiel a digital marketing company is using to get clients, sadly, this is “not TRUE”.
Search engine optimization is not like that, there is no particular and specific time frame and duration for a website to show up on Google. It depends on how good an SEO specialist is and it depends if an SEO specialist followed and met Google’s Algorithm ranking factors and guidelines. Here are some Google ranking factors that Google is using to determine if a website is entitled to show up on Google. 

a. Quality Content
b.  Keywords
c. Meta Tags
d. H1 Tags
e. Site Security / SSL
f. Internal Links
g. Structured Data
h. Backlinks

Remember that no matter how eager you are optimizing your site to keep pushing on Google’s first page, your competitor also is doing it, and if your site is already on the first page, there is no guarantee that it stays on that position. You must continuously do your SEO techniques and routines, SEO is a never-ending survival game.

  • Spammy and not Related Niche Content is Okay

Again, this is not true. honestly, Google could penalize a website that has duplicated and spammy content. The article is one important Google ranking factors, to have an article, you need content. And not just any content, but an article with the content very related to the niche of your website or business. An article must be well-written, spelling and grammar error-free, and with a minimum of 600 words.

  • SSL is not Important

SSL is a Secured Socket Layer channel where it makes the website very secure by using a third layer certificates pass through the web server and makes it very hard for an attacker to hack the site. For some, they believe that making a site SSL enabled is “only” important for those e-commerce websites or any other websites asking for very important details like payments, valid IDs, etc.

If you want to get noticed on Google, or you are doing an SEO, this is one important factor also. Google wants every website to look professional, presentable and trustworthy.  Google is looking for trustworthiness by checking if the site is SSL enabled. If the site is not SSL enabled, Google can easily tell that the person behind or managing the site is not professional enough and does not meet Google guidelines.

  • Your site can still rank even if the site loads very slowly

The business owner’s goal is not just making noticeable on Google or any other search engines, they want leads, and from leads, converts to sales. How long a person going to stay on your website want to makes purchases if your site loads slowly?

This is the reason why your websites need to have a very good page speed. According to Google, the allowed page speed should be at a minimum of 5 seconds below.
To achieve this you must have a very good hosting service provider, minimize the use of images or image sizes that are at least 500kb. Minifying CSS, JavaScript, and database can help also achieve the 5 seconds page speed.

Remember; you may have good products or service to offer or to sell, a well-written article, an SSL enabled website and a very good landing page, but with the poor loading speed, potential clients will not go back to your site to make a purchase or hire you for your service.

  • Backlinks are not important for rankings

A backlink is a hyperlink pointing your site to another web page. Backlinks are important in determining the popularity of one website, on the contrary, backlinks are the most important ranking factors of Google.

Backlinks are power, backlinks are the reason why the site Domain Rating and URL rating is boosting up. No matter how good optimization of meta tags on your website, if there are no backlinks, the website will not going to rank.  If you hear these promises from an SEO agency that backlinks are not important for rankings, we can easily tell that they are not a good candidate to hire.

  • The more Backlinks, the Better

Although backlinks are the most important ranking factor, it does not necessarily mean the more backlinks, the better. 

Google says, “1 backlink is better than a thousand backlinks. What does it mean?

There are two types of backlinks attributes, do-follow, and no-follow attributes. Do-follow means, the site where the backlinks originated, you will get a link juice or will benefit from it by adding a portion of the originated site “Domain Rating” to your site, while no-follow means nothing or just crap backlinks. With do-follow and niche related backlinks, your site SEO metrics will start to improve and can boost up your keywords rankings.

  • I know how Google Algorithm Works

One of the fakest promises an SEO agency is telling. No one knows how Google algorithms worked except, of course, only Google itself and some Google high-ranking official or employee. 

  • We can rank your site for a low price

This is very impossible to achieve, for a good SEO specialist to analyze and to know if the site is rankable, that person needs to have an SEO tool to analyze like, keyword tool Ahrefs is a good one, an audit tool like Semrush and Screaming frog. These tools are not cheap, again, don’t fall for this false, fake promises.

  • Black hat method is okay

A big no and a big lie. The black hat method is against Google’s algorithms and guidelines and could penalize or ban your website from showing up on Google search engines.

  • Keywords are not Important

In SEO, aside from the actual product or services of a business, you need something to get noticed by Google. A keyword is your product and Google is the market.
A keyword is your gate pass to enter the Google search engine for a business to grow and to succeed. To get and to decide which keywords to use, you need a so-called Keywords Research process with the help of an Ahrefs keyword tool.

So if an SEO agency guy is telling you that keywords are not important for your business to grow, then you can easily tell yourself that they are not a good SEO agency to hire.