Your Facebook page is a powerful tool to showcase your business. As a busy small business owner, you often don’t have the time to do it yourself. So what do you do? You hire an agency! But what if the social media agency you chose did not do a good job? 

Here is a list containing some basic points you can check for yourself:

Step 1

  • Check your Facebook business page name. The business name showing here should match your website name. No mistakes – as it’s going to be permanent. Your Facebook business page name will be displayed below the business profile image:

Step 2

  • Check your profile business page URL and username – your business page should be customized and should ideally not have a random list of numbers afterwards. To check, follow these steps:
  1. Login to your Facebook personal profile.
  2. Click the top right arrow and click your Facebook page.
  3. Hover your mouse to check the name of the Facebook page on the lower part of your profile logo. This should not have any numeric value. You can also check the URL of your Facebook page. It should be something like this or

Step 3

  • Check your Business profile – be sure all important details related to your business are filled out here, such as the About Your Company, Business Category, Year Founded, Opening Hours, Contact Details, Product And Services sections.
    Click the “About” link to check if all of these details have been optimized:

Step 4

  • Use high resolution images with the correct pixel dimensions for your business profile picture and banner. Otherwise the images may become pixelated and look unprofessional. The correct profile pixel dimension is 170 X 170 pixels. The correct cover photo pixel dimension is 1200 x 628 pixels.

Step 5

  • You should have 2 ‘Call to Action’ buttons. Calls to action on a Facebook page are very important as they encourage visitors to interact and take a step closer to becoming a customer. By default, Facebook already activates a “Send Message” button so users can contact your business page. Other buttons should also be set up depending on the type of your business. It could be “Learn More”, “Shop Now” etc. The button should be displayed below the cover photo image. To check this, you need to logout from your business page or open a new browser and visit your Facebook business page.
  • If you find problems relating to the 5 topics covered in this article, then we encourage you to speak with your social media agency about it right away. Optimizing your Facebook page is one key to getting more leads and traffic to your website – failing to do this may lead to drop flow on your site traffic statistics.

Look, we understand not everybody has access to their own accounts (a red flag in our book) so you might not be able to login.
Should this be the case or if you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us on 1800 717 546 or via the form below.

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