Don’t Fall For These 10 Promises from SEO Agencies

Don’t Fall For These 10 Promises from SEO Agencies

Nowadays, business needs to be on search engines, I remember there is a quote that Bill Gates said: “If your business is not on the internet, then your business is out of business”. Many business owners may have already been noticed. 

Business owners want to hire an SEO or digital marketing agency to help them grow their business to show up the site business page in a search engine, but why, they are not successful? Are they doing it incorrectly? Did they hire a marketing agency with a poor reputation? Or maybe they fall for SEO agencies promises and misleading advertisement?

Here are 10 False Promises SEO Agencies Give to Small Business Owners.

  • We can rank your business on Google’s First Page in just 3 months

These are the most promising words and the most powerful sales spiel a digital marketing company is using to get clients, sadly, this is “not TRUE”.
Search engine optimization is not like that, there is no particular and specific time frame and duration for a website to show up on Google. It depends on how good an SEO specialist is and it depends if an SEO specialist followed and met Google’s Algorithm ranking factors and guidelines. Here are some Google ranking factors that Google is using to determine if a website is entitled to show up on Google. 

a. Quality Content
b.  Keywords
c. Meta Tags
d. H1 Tags
e. Site Security / SSL
f. Internal Links
g. Structured Data
h. Backlinks

Remember that no matter how eager you are optimizing your site to keep pushing on Google’s first page, your competitor also is doing it, and if your site is already on the first page, there is no guarantee that it stays on that position. You must continuously do your SEO techniques and routines, SEO is a never-ending survival game.

  • Spammy and not Related Niche Content is Okay

Again, this is not true. honestly, Google could penalize a website that has duplicated and spammy content. The article is one important Google ranking factors, to have an article, you need content. And not just any content, but an article with the content very related to the niche of your website or business. An article must be well-written, spelling and grammar error-free, and with a minimum of 600 words.

  • SSL is not Important

SSL is a Secured Socket Layer channel where it makes the website very secure by using a third layer certificates pass through the web server and makes it very hard for an attacker to hack the site. For some, they believe that making a site SSL enabled is “only” important for those e-commerce websites or any other websites asking for very important details like payments, valid IDs, etc.

If you want to get noticed on Google, or you are doing an SEO, this is one important factor also. Google wants every website to look professional, presentable and trustworthy.  Google is looking for trustworthiness by checking if the site is SSL enabled. If the site is not SSL enabled, Google can easily tell that the person behind or managing the site is not professional enough and does not meet Google guidelines.

  • Your site can still rank even if the site loads very slowly

The business owner’s goal is not just making noticeable on Google or any other search engines, they want leads, and from leads, converts to sales. How long a person going to stay on your website want to makes purchases if your site loads slowly?

This is the reason why your websites need to have a very good page speed. According to Google, the allowed page speed should be at a minimum of 5 seconds below.
To achieve this you must have a very good hosting service provider, minimize the use of images or image sizes that are at least 500kb. Minifying CSS, JavaScript, and database can help also achieve the 5 seconds page speed.

Remember; you may have good products or service to offer or to sell, a well-written article, an SSL enabled website and a very good landing page, but with the poor loading speed, potential clients will not go back to your site to make a purchase or hire you for your service.

  • Backlinks are not important for rankings

A backlink is a hyperlink pointing your site to another web page. Backlinks are important in determining the popularity of one website, on the contrary, backlinks are the most important ranking factors of Google.

Backlinks are power, backlinks are the reason why the site Domain Rating and URL rating is boosting up. No matter how good optimization of meta tags on your website, if there are no backlinks, the website will not going to rank.  If you hear these promises from an SEO agency that backlinks are not important for rankings, we can easily tell that they are not a good candidate to hire.

  • The more Backlinks, the Better

Although backlinks are the most important ranking factor, it does not necessarily mean the more backlinks, the better. 

Google says, “1 backlink is better than a thousand backlinks. What does it mean?

There are two types of backlinks attributes, do-follow, and no-follow attributes. Do-follow means, the site where the backlinks originated, you will get a link juice or will benefit from it by adding a portion of the originated site “Domain Rating” to your site, while no-follow means nothing or just crap backlinks. With do-follow and niche related backlinks, your site SEO metrics will start to improve and can boost up your keywords rankings.

  • I know how Google Algorithm Works

One of the fakest promises an SEO agency is telling. No one knows how Google algorithms worked except, of course, only Google itself and some Google high-ranking official or employee. 

  • We can rank your site for a low price

This is very impossible to achieve, for a good SEO specialist to analyze and to know if the site is rankable, that person needs to have an SEO tool to analyze like, keyword tool Ahrefs is a good one, an audit tool like Semrush and Screaming frog. These tools are not cheap, again, don’t fall for these false, fake promises.

  • Keywords are not Important

In SEO, aside from the actual product or services of a business, you need something to get noticed by Google. A keyword is your product and Google is the market.
A keyword is your gate pass to enter the Google search engine for a business to grow and to succeed. To get and to decide which keywords to use, you need a so-called Keywords Research process with the help of an Ahrefs keyword tool.

So if an SEO agency guy is telling you that keywords are not important for your business to grow, then you can easily tell yourself that they are not a good SEO agency to hire.

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