A Beginners Guide to LinkedIn Advertising

A Beginners Guide to LinkedIn Advertising

Word has been spreading that LinkedIn may be the up and coming advertising player this year.

LinkedIn has offered advertising services for years now, but it was only recently when they have really nailed down the craft of being an ad service provider and social media networking website.

What really helps set LinkedIn ads apart from other social media advertising platforms, like Facebook, is their B2B targeting options. B2B marketers flock to LinkedIn because almost every professional have LinkedIn accounts.

Knowing this, LinkedIn has optimized its targeting options to allow marketers to really aim and connect with people of a specific profession

Want to focus on the information technology industry? You can target it with LinkedIn ads.

Want to reach CEOs of investment firms? Yes, you can reach them with LinkedIn ads.

Want to receive applications from those college graduates with experience as general managers of natural food grocery stores? You can get really close and personal to them with LinkedIn ads, as well.

Because of that business-to-business option, many business owners are going to LinkedIn with their budgets this year. However, it doesn’t mean that they aren’t advertising on Facebook, too, but depending on their budget they may be heading to LinkedIn first.

Do keep in mind that with LinkedIn the cost is going to be a lot greater than Facebook, so make sure you’ve got plenty of cash before trying this method.

Have the necessary money and ready to be dealt a hand? Let’s go over some ground rules first.

LinkedIn Advertising Guide: An Overview

Before, LinkedIn used to be extremely limited with its advertising options, almost without any space for advertisers to really accomplish their goals.

That has since changed and will continue to change going into the future, with the aim to give more freedom for advertisers.
Now, with LinkedIn ads, you can make ads based on what you need to do.

In this article, we will assume that you already know what you need to achieve and have your goals in mind.

With that said, in order to successfully run an advertisement on LinkedIn, your goal needs to be one of these

  • Brand awareness.
  • Website visits.
  • Engagement.
  • Video views.
  • Lead generation.
  • Website conversions.
  • Job applicants.

Organic engagement on LinkedIn is already a given deal with almost everyone on LinkedIn.

As LinkedIn’s algorithm isn’t as strict and picky as Facebook’s, allocating all of your budgets toward LinkedIn engagement ads may not be the most ideal bet for every business.

We suggest picking an objective that is a bit more direct like job applications or website conversions.

You’re generally going to be paying more on LinkedIn for each accomplished objective, so get to the point and be a bit blunter with how you chose your ad objectives.

Based on the objective you have specified, you’d be given five different ad types to attempt:

Sponsored Content

Think of this as a promoted post. You will be promoting an article or post from your company page that appears in the LinkedIn feed.

At most times, these ads do have the highest CPC on average so proceed with caution and make sure the content you’re promoting is well planned and well-executed.

Text Ads

These are the minuscule ads you may or may not notice on the right side of your LinkedIn feed. This might remind you of Facebook Ads circa 2010.

Aside from the right column, these ads may sometimes appear beneath the “People You May Know” section. This is where your text contents can absolutely make or break your ad conversions.

Test a few different strategies but make sure to get to the point with these ads.

Sponsored InMail

This is an amusing way to spam someone’s LinkedIn inbox. But, when done properly, it can really have a conversion rate higher than any of the other LinkedIn ad options.

Because these ads need to come from a personal profile rather than a branded business page, people are less likely to fee that they are being sold as they can actually communicate with a genuine representative of the business.

But please make it a point to never copy and paste templates to your prospect or any of your demographic. Make sure and make each InMail professional and personal.

Video Ads

A bit self-explanatory here, but LinkedIn’s video ads will help you promote your videos to your correct target market. This is one reason that you should be creating a ton of video content.

Make sure to test various videos to see which type of video according to topic, length, real-life or animation, gives you the most conversions.


In this modern-day of advertising and company growth, it is important that any business owner or manager must get whatever help he can in order to keep up the pace. 

By utilizing LinkedIn on its utmost potential, small business owners will have the capacity and the capability to compete with much larger companies. 
By using the steps above, we can assure you that everything will be alright with your LinkedIn marketing campaign.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at Logical Assembly.

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